Guillotine cutting

We can cut paper and cardboard in the specified format

Perfecta 115 –
high-performance computerized single-knife paper-cutting machine for fast and accurate cutting, often changing orders and orders of large volumes.
The machine has a number of special functions, programs of multi times repetition of operations, it is able to store data of the cutting processes in memory and has the "Teach-in" training function. Storing up to 6,000 cut marks for 250 programs, the machine is best suited for many tasks.

We offer paper and cardboard cutting services in your specified format. Our equipment allows you to perform work of any complexity quickly and accurately.

Technical characteristics:

maximum cutting width -1150 mm,
maximum ream height - 165 mm,
the number of cuts per minute, min - 50,
self-diagnostic computer

To increase productivity in Perfecta Seypa single-knife paper-cutting machines, the following are used:
closed hard cutting table,
the ability to set the size of the cut using the keyboard,
automatic reminder of the greasing cleaning and changing the knife,
optical and mechanical indicators of the cutting line,
the possibility of introducing and canceling the cutting program,
air bag activation program.
Technical characteristics: